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is the answer to the question of what a gravel bike would have looked like in the 90s. The bike your parents always warned you about. Fast, comfortable and somehow different.

First exclusive designed as a cybercycles team bike, we now also offer our time machine in small quantities. Available in four sizes and based onof the extensively tested Geometry, the frame can be further customized. Alternative cable routing, additional eyelets and other add-ons are easily possible. And if you want a really crazy paint job: that's welcome too.



According to the first impression,It appears to be a classically designed steel frame, but a closer look reveals a few exciting details. In some places in Germany, 3D printed individual parts were welded together to create geometric shapesh to realize complex details. Additive manufacturing processes are not an end in themselves, but rather a recognizable one to create added value.

In combination with a carefully selected COLUMBUS tube set from the ZONA and LIFE program, the result is a stiff and surprisingly light frame at approx. 1900g (size M).The team bike shown above weighs exactly 9.8kg.


Compact Bottom Bracket

There are no external cables in the bottom bracket area. In combination with the 68mm BSA bottom bracket, this is unique and was achieved through clever guidance above the spindle. A 3D-printed insert was also designed and welded for this purpose.



Admittedly, our TEAM paintjob is quite special. And very complex. The colors used are lacked. But first the areas must be plotted and masked. Do you also like it colorful, but prefer a different finish? No problem. With Dany, we have one of the best painters on board.


Clean Cockpit

All cables run through the frame without rattling. The inlets in the down tube are implemented as 3D printed stainless steel parts. And they are arranged so that the cables do not rub against the frame. The MOTO version of the brake levers is recommended for the fork.



A proven combination of milled and printed parts is used here. This is how we achieve a good cost/benefit ratio. The 160mm flat mount recordings are printed in Germany.


X12 Thru Axle

Still an excellent system. The slightly eccentric insert enables small corrections to an out-of-round rear wheel and accommodates the very torsion-resistant dropout. Quite complex but on par with the other details, right?



Inspired by the proportions of classic mountain bikes, the short head tube and sloping top tube are immediately noticeable. This is not just a design feature, but it is the necessary consequence of a suspension fork-corrected gravel bike. This means you can ride your GRAWUMM with a suspension fork or with our Cross Blade fork. The geometry also ensures that the frame is stiffer and lighter than comparable gravel frames.

The bike is not overburdened even on tricky terrain. The easily accessible position in the drops allows excellent control in volatile situations. On the other hand, if you grab the upper bar area, you can greet them in a relaxed manner. The combination of a short top tube and slightly longer chainstays guarantees good maneuverability band at the same time extremely smooth running. The wide tires and the comfortable titanium fork do the rest.

Grawumm Geometry 2024.JPG



Like all of our other parts, the frames are 100% prepared and made by hand in Germany. All mitering, welding and soldering work is carried out with the utmost precision and passion by Stefano Agresti, the frame builder legend from Offenbach/Main.  




The frameset includes X12 thru axle, derailleur hanger and Salsa Lip Lock seat clamp. The price for the unpainted frameset is 1,875€ including VAT. The following options are included or available at an additional cost:


2 bottle holder eyelets:     Incl. - Free position

Add. bottle holder eyelet:  30€ - Free position

Internal brake line:              Incl. - Free R/L arrangement

Internal shift cable:            100€ - Free position

Eyelets for racks:                60€ - Free position

Custom geometry:              200€

Paint:                                    at cost

Any questions?

Thanks! We will contact you.

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