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Crossing all over

Progress through hindsight. We look into the pastaccuracy, transfer the best concepts into the present and develop them to the end. Our maxim, also known as retrofuturism, is the lively and sometimes humorous mix of conceptsand materials from the last decades. You get the design of the 80s and 90s with the function and safety at the level of mass-produced parts. Or the other way around: current solutions, implemented using traditional manufacturing methods. Everything is possible.

Analog or digital? Non-conformist and informal, like EntWhen developing bike parts, we combine traditional craftsmanship with CNC technologies or additive manufacturing. This means we can use the full potential and offer you the best solution: material that has a timeless design, is functionally well thought out and is technically up to date. Engineered and hand made in Germany.

the collective

We, Stefano and Horst, work hard behind the pink and blue backdropon your products. We like to lose ourselves in the details. Because that is exactly what makes the difference might.


The CYBER CYCLES base is located at the Jena technology region. The spectacular and well-known trails there are a source of inspiration and a test parcours equally. All parts are manufactured and prepared for dispatch in Offenbach/Main.



"Since 1989 I've been adding steel and titanium tubing to rolling works of art and have brought countless custom frames to life. Known for my uncompromising quality down to the last detail, I'm happy to offer some really relevant products together with Horst."



"Actually, my name is Christian, but since the internet, everyone has called me Horst. As a tribute to the great Horst Leitner, I have been developing individual parts as well as entire bike concepts for several years. In addition to coffee and loud music, my passion for design and technology drives me and production. The main thing is functional, clear and colourful."

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